Wells Cave

Wells Cave Nature Preserve

In January, 2003, the Wells Cave Nature Preserve became the tenth preserve property owned by the National Speleological Society and the eleventh NSS Nature Preserve. Wells Cave has a long history within Pulaski County, Kentucky. The large main entrance, combined with several other entrances, provides easy access. It's location, near the communities of Mt. Victory and Poplarville, in Southeastern Pulaski County and along the primary road between Somerset, London, and the Rockcastle River (a vital coal, logging, and saltpetre trade route in the 1800's) gave Wells Cave much attention and use throughout the years.

Wells Nature Preserve consists of three acres and includes two entrances to a historically, geologically, and biologically significant 11.5 mile-long cave. The cave also serves as an educational tool for those interested in speleogenesis, paleo-climates and hydrology, and cave management. This cave has attracted many people into joining caving organizations, not just for its recreational, but also the scientific value. It is well-visited and well-known to the community.

The Management policy is to continue with past practice of allowing people on the property with minimum restrictions. Restrictions are only for reasons of better management, and to protect the property through recommendations of the Management Committee. The Management Committee is responsible for enforcing both NSS and Wells Nature Preserve access guidelines.

Wells Cave is Closed until further notice due to the USFWS WNS advisory !!!

The Management Committee is chaired by Bill Walden.

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If you have questions about this Preserve, e-mail Bill Walden at:   wellscavecommittee@caves.org

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